Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Are you looking for reliable, efficient, and economical pharmaceutical manufacturing services? For the past two decades, we have been the leading body amongst pharmaceutical manufacturers in Australia. At APM, we have a dedicated 8,900 square metre facility in Melbourne, and a reputation for providing dependable and innovative services. We are constantly developing our processes and infrastructure to deploy leading solutions for Australian and international companies. 

Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

APM is a technology forward company that uses that latest tech to improve and streamline our processes. We are constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology and innovating our modes of operation, ensuring our customers receive the best services possible. With our innovative approach and specialist facility, we provide services alongside manufacturing for pharmaceuticals. Complementing our expert manufacturing team, we offer a comprehensive suite of services including, product development, quality assurance, packaging, and labelling.

Our full-service facility and industry-leading processes ensure strict adherence to manufacturing and packaging regulations at all stages of the manufacturing process. We are licensed under the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administrations (TGA) and adhere to the code of Good Manufacturing Practice. We are transparent about our quality control and assurance protocols to provide a service that our customers can depend on.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Australia

When you choose to work with APM, you decide to work with Australia’s best pharmaceutical manufacturer. We understand how vital reporting and regulation is, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. At all stages of the process, we provide transparent and clear communication to provide you with a suite of relevant information and data. 

We have worked with customers across the pharmaceutical, medical, health, and beauty industries to provide exceptional tailor-made products. Whether you are looking for ready-made pharmaceuticals, tailored solutions, or a selection of services extending beyond the manufacturing process, APM is the leading authority.

Our expert teams are dedicated to developing and deploying tailored solutions that meet all your manufacturing requirements. We will stop at nothing to guarantee strict compliance and exceptional results for our customers.

What Else Do APM Offer?

Other than economical pharma manufacturing, we offer a range of services that fall under manufacturing, packaging, and labelling. Our core service offering extends to:

APM’s Focus on Sustainability

APM are so much more than pharmaceuticals manufacturers. We are an innovative, evolving organisation that continuously adapt to be the change that we need to see in the manufacturing and packaging industry.

We understand our social and environmental responsibilities in the industry. For us, a healthy environment is just as crucial as a healthy business. We have embedded sustainability as a focus into all our packaging practices, and we will continue to work on reducing our carbon footprint. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing team passionate about sustainability and minimising the impact our business may have on both the environment and the surrounding community. This involves:

  • Choosing pharmaceuticals manufacturers Australia who manufacture in accordance with GMP regulatory requirements and are aligned with our environmental standards.
  • Ethical testing procedures that are compliant with all relevant legislation.
  • Utilising sustainable packaging whenever possible.
  • Working with registered, authorized businesses to closely manage our waste and recyclable materials.

Who Needs Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

When it comes to health, beauty and pharmaceutical products, strict protocols must be undertaken for pharma manufacturing for quality control. That’s where we come in.

APM’s safe, quality, and flexible pharma manufacturing offering is designed for those that require packaging for products and pharmaceuticals and want to work with a licensed company that they can trust. The most important function of licensed packaging is to ensure safe and shielded products from the potential damaging effects of the external environment.

Whether you require ready-made pharmaceuticals and products, or a product packaged for a private label, we’ve got you sorted at APM. We can tailor our pharma manufacturing services to meet the unique needs of your products ensuring exceptional, economical manufacturing for pharmaceuticals.

Licensed by the TGA and compliant with GMP, APM are Australia’s top choice of pharmaceuticals manufacturers.

APM provide comprehensive product development, manufacturing, packaging, and labelling as a whole service; or we can offer standalone pharma manufacturing.

What Kind of Companies do APM Work With?

We work with a variety of organisations, Australian and international, to meet unique pharmaceuticals manufacturing requirements.

APM provide industry certified, TGA licensed manufacturing and packaging for companies in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Personal Care and Health & Beauty industries. We have a dedicated and passionate team specialising in packaging for pharmaceuticals, who take pride in developing the perfect solution for each of our customers

Why Choose APM for Packaging Pharmaceuticals?

APM are Australia’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers. Whether you’re an experienced industry expert or you’re a complementary medicine novice, working with a packaging company that you can trust is paramount. Here at APM, we provide a comprehensive approach to pharmaceuticals manufacturing, and we’ll provide assurance every step of the way. From strict TGA requirements to navigating logistics, we’ve got your pharmaceuticals covered.

When it comes to safe, quality packaging, APM are the Australian pharmaceuticals manufacturers that you can rely on. Transparency is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you’re after an end-to-end packaging process, or require assistance on a one-off project, we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way. From personalised packaging to strict protocols, we’re committed to maintaining our reputation as the most transparent and reliable pharmaceuticals manufacturers Australia has to offer.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions We Provide

We are not limited to one or two product types, when it comes to manufacturing pharmaceutical products in Australia – we cover a wide range of product types and applications including:

  • Collagen Supplements
  • Kid’s Multi Vitamin Chew
  • Kid’s Vitamin C Chew
  • Kid’s Calcium + Vitamin D Chew
  • Kid’s Probiotic Chew
  • Toothpaste Tablets
  • Men’s Daily Multi Vitamin Tablets
  • Multi B Tablets
  • Women’s Daily Multi Vitamin Tablets
  • Vitamin C Chewable Tablets
  • Glucosamine Tablets
  • Immune Echinacea Tablets
  • Magnesium Plus Tablets
  • Fish Oil Capsules
  • Vitamin D Tablets
  • Sleep Tablets
  • Calcium Vitamin D3 Supplements
  • Vitamin K Tablets
  • Iron + Vitamin C Supplements
  • Liver Detox Supplements
  • Glucosamine + Chondroiton Supplements
  • Probiotics Capsule